The longevity secret of centenarians has four treasures

The longevity secret of centenarians has “four treasures”

The elderly who have lived for more than 100 years old are not a minority in China. Professor Zhang Xinghua, who was the director of public health at the Shanghai Health School, has just entered the threshold of 100 years old this year.
Zhang Lao said that I have the “longevity four treasures”. Sticking to these four things is the secret of my longevity.
  I. Persistence in activities: Zhang Xinghua loves to play Tai Chi, which has a history of more than 20 years.
He also edited a set of exercises and insisted on it for 10 years.
Zhang Xinghua said: The movement cannot be abandoned halfway, and it must be persevered.
  Second, the regular old friends: Whether in school or in the work unit, Zhang Xinghua has handed over a group of good classmates, good friends, and has been very close.
The old man has a good friend who is also 101 years old this year. The two often exchange longevity together.
  Third, hobby calligraphy: Zhang Xinghua has always regarded calligraphy as a “companion” after retirement.
He slaps ink on rice paper three times.
The great-grandmother was born and wrote a banner to send a good blessing; friends and relatives came to ask for the ink, and wrote the inspirational Tang poetry and Song poems.
He often said: With calligraphy, you will not be lonely and lonely, and life is full of happiness.
  Fourth, face the disease: Zhang Xinghua suffers from high blood pressure disease, but he obeys medical treatment.
He said: the guidance of birth, adhere to long-term medication, effectively control the elderly can not be paralyzed, can not make their own ideas, to follow expert guidance.
  If you also want to live a long life like the protagonist above, then learning more and doing more will definitely give us a long-lived body.