[How about eating noodles in the morning]

[How about eating noodles in the morning]

Breakfast is self-evident to people. As a Chinese, breakfast is relatively monotonous. Sometimes, fried dough buns are the most common breakfast on the table of many people. In fact, it is very good to eat some noodles at breakfast.Noodles have a good stomach warming effect, and have a very good effect of promoting digestion. As a family, making noodles for breakfast is also more convenient and saves time.

Would you like noodles for breakfast?
If you just eat noodles, it won’t work.

Breakfast is mainly supplemented with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, etc., followed by energy, so eat nutritious food (milk, eggs, soy milk, etc.) for breakfast, which can be added after eating noodles.

The first benefit of eating noodles is that they will absorb a lot of water, and 100 grams of noodles will become 400 grams when cooked.

Second, noodles have an appetite-suppressing characteristic, because noodles digest more slowly in the stomach, making people feel fuller for a long time and not easy to swallow.

Third, noodles can be broken down in trace amounts, because the noodles do not contain impurities, which can keep the concentration at a normal, stable level, and keep the blood sugar stable for a long time.

Advantages of noodles Some precautions for eating noodles for breakfast, except for noodles, which contain only a small amount before cooking.

After cooking, my aunt disappeared completely.

Therefore, noodles are suitable for patients with high cholesterol.

2, noodles can not make people smarter, but it can make people more awake and more focused, because it can slowly and regularly deliver glucose to the brain.

3, noodles before cooking and after cooking contain different nutrients, 100 grams of noodles before cooking contains 11 grams of water, 12.

5 grams of protein, 71 grams of sugar and 1.

2 grams aunt.

After cooking, these noodles contain 71 grams of water, 4 grams of protein, and 23 grams of sugar, which is zero.

I have something to say: The above are the benefits and precautions of noodles for breakfast that I will introduce to everyone. When you eat noodles in the future, it is best to add nutrients such as fruits and vegetables.