[How to choose mangosteen]_Recommended diet

[How to choose mangosteen]_Recommended diet

  In summer, it is the season when mangosteen is listed.

Mangosteen was awarded the title of “Queen of Fruits” and was loved by friends.

The living environment brought by mangosteen is full of extremely high requirements. Because some sellers lack the knowledge to preserve mangosteen, some mangosteens on the market are not fresh or have deteriorated.

How to choose fresh mangosteen in order to buy it?

  View the whole-overall view of the entire mangosteen surface.

First look at the surface of the fruit. If there is yellow juice, it means that the mangosteen has deteriorated.

Basically look at the outer skin, if it is purple, it means normal freshness; if the color is light red, it means that it is not yet mature, and the brown color is a manifestation that it is not fresh for too long.

  Look at the pedicle-the head of the connected fruit is called the pedicle, and the pedicle green pedicure is screened out. If the pedicle is dark in color, it means that it is not fresh and is not suitable for purchase.

  Press the shell-Gently press the mangosteen shell with your fingers. If the shell is sunken and the shell is soft and elastic, it proves fresh.

If the outer skin of the shell is dry and hard, and the blockage does not appear sunken, it means that it has been placed for a long time and is not fresh.

  Look at the pedicle flap-the pedicle is connected to the bottom of the fruit. The pedicle often determines the number of petals of the mangosteen pulp. Generally speaking, the number of pedicle petals is the number of pulp petals.

The more mangosteens, the better the mangosteen taste.

  掂 Weight-Both mangosteens of the same size can be weighed in the hands. The heavier the more water, the better the taste.

  Have you learned how to choose mangosteen?

According to the above methods and steps, mangosteen can be selected to have a sweet and delicious taste, a tender and smooth taste, sweet and sour taste, and it has rich nutrients and reduces dust and heat to the human body.