Rice soaked in water has a certain health effect, but four taboos are kept in mind.

Rice soaked in water has a certain health effect, but four taboos are kept in mind.

Once the human body is invaded by moisture, there will be many symptoms of discomfort, such as loss of appetite.

Therefore, if the human body has moisture, it should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise the impact on health will be great.

People are usually eating some damp ingredients or herbs, such as glutinous rice.

So, can you use detox to drink water to get rid of moisture?

First, can glutinous rice soak in water to get wet?

Rice is a kind of medicinal material that enters the spleen. Its efficacy is to strengthen the spleen and appetite, and to eliminate the dampness of the summer. Therefore, the glutinous rice can be dehumidified.

If you use glutinous rice to get wet, you can use fried glutinous rice to soak in water.

Stir-fried glutinous rice is fried with simmer until golden brown, with a slight scent of flavor.

Second, what are the taboos for drinking glutinous rice?

1, people with cold or weak constitution should not accept glutinous rice, although it can be damp, but it is really cool medicine, so people with cold or weak constitution should not suffer, otherwise the body will be weaker, women will even have menstruationUnregulated situation.

2, can not take long-term use of glutinous rice is colder, so if taken for a long time, it will make the body become cold, and the stomach may also be affected.

Women who are pregnant or ready to become pregnant are even less likely to participate for a long time because they increase the chance of miscarriage.

3, can not take too many people will suddenly become too much glutinous rice water, but glutinous rice actually contains a higher viscosity of sugar.

If it is possible to overdo it at once, it may cause problems with digestion.

If your stomach is not good, you can add other ingredients to the glutinous rice.

4, can not be used as a drug to take glutinous rice, although it has the effect of adjuvant treatment for certain diseases, but it is only a medicinal material, not a drug, so it is not possible to take glutinous rice as a medicine.

Once you have any discomfort in your body, you should seek medical attention immediately, instead of accepting glutinous rice water at will.

Especially for patients with hyperlipidemia, you can’t accept glutinous rice water because you want to lower blood fat, which will only delay the illness.

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