Jiangsu’s more popular goose intestine hot pot – the earthen goose intestine hot pot features ice water ranch goose intestine

Jiangsu’s more popular goose intestine hot pot – the earthen goose intestine hot pot features “ice water ranch goose intestine”

Goose intestine is a green health product. It is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and various trace elements. It has rich nutritional value, and the goose gut is crisp and smooth. It is light in color and milky white, and the appearance is thick and thick.

It is not only famous for its crispy and delicious taste, but also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, replenishing qi and tonic, warming the blood, and detoxifying the body. It is more optimistic about health and health.

Each of the goose intestines is from the northeast of the earth dedicated to the goose farm, 1860 kilometers away from Jiangsu, only the climate of this land, temperature and food can nourish the most delicious goose.

In the special goose farm in the bauxite, no traditional feed, only pure grass, feed for 120 days, only replace the goose slaughtered between May and September every year to ensure that the mouth is thick.

Each goose intestine is carefully removed from the thin goose intestines that are less than 25 mm wide, and the mouth is full according to the standard.

From washing, bagging to serving all in ice water, the unique taste of the goose intestine is “wide, thick, crisp and tender”, which is the largest substitute for bauxite sales.

The goose intestine process has gone through dozens of processes, and 8 of them must be completed in the biting ice water. After slaughter, the goose intestines are immediately chilled, inhibiting bacteria at a low temperature below 0 °c, sleeping, and freshly locked by 100%.After the chilling, the earthworm goose intestines will become more and more crisp, ensuring that the mouth is crisp and tender.

More and more people in the ice water grassland goose are waiting in line to eat hot pot in the clay, all for the crisp goose intestines. Only the top-quality hot pot bottom material with strong flavor can make the tender and sweet earthworm goose intestine, ice waterThe characteristics of the prairie goose intestine are fresh, tender and brittle. It is soft and tender, the color powder is fresh and tender, and the unique soft luster is slid in the hot and spicy soup base.Serve the sauce to ensure that the mouth is salty, salty and crisp.

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